The Sustainability in Prisons Project (SPP) began in Washington state as a partnership between The Evergreen State College and Washington State Department of Corrections. Programs bring science, nature, sustainable operations, and myriad partnerships and collaborations into prisons.

Success and recognition of Washington's programs has transformed SPP into a national endeavor. In 2015, there are eight formally established SPP teams. However, we have had inquiries from more than half of the United States and several counties, plus countless academics, non-profits, and agencies. The potential for transforming the correctional environment is huge! Join us.

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SPP's model shows benefits for all involved:

  • Corrections staff provide low-cost programs, create positive social interactions, increase prison safety, and reduce operating costs
  • Inmates receive education, gain valuable job skills, and contribute to the corrections community and communities outside the fence
  • Students and teachers practice education, sustainability science, cutting-edge conservation biology, and social justice
  • Program partners gain access to eager and capable partners, which means they can do more — grow more native plants, train more service dogs, and inspire more environmental stewardship

SPP programs are inexpensive and effective. They also require a distinctive approach. Until you know what works, the differences among corrections professionals, inmates, and outside partners can be hard to navigate. We want you to be successful; get involved and we will show you how!

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